Afternoon Ilford Hp5 400
This is a friend of mine sat outside a cafe in the Plaça de Catalunya, Barcelona. This was taken on the last day of his stag weekend trip, we were waiting for a bus to the airport and generally just killing time. When I first had this developed I was pretty pleased with myself, it was from one of the first film rolls I’d taken with a real film SLR (I’d not touched a film camera since I was a child and even then it was only compact’s or toys. I’ve mostly grown up with digital). I like the composure of my friend, he really looks like he’s reminiscing about the end of his holiday, and the people in the background add a bit of character I think. The older looking couple on the bench with a pram, is that their grandchild that they’re taking for a stroll? The couple seated behind at another table, the woman looks like a mixture of engrossed or bored with the conversation she seems to be having. Finally I like how overexposed the background is, it shows just how bright, sunny and warm that day was and the building seems to melt away into that light.

This was taken on my Nikon FM with a 28mm lens and shot on Ilford HP5 400 ISO film.

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