Llandaff Cathedral

Llandaff Cathedral Canon AE-1 Programme 50mm Ilford XP2 400Llandaff Cathedral in Cardiff taken from a pathway along the River Taff, this area is locally called Llandaff Meadow. This was taken with my Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm lens on Ilford XP2 ISO 400 film, and as you can see from the darkness, on a particularly gloomy day. I like how the spire of the cathedral pops up over the trees reaching into the overcast sky, almost as if it is trying to pierce a way through to the heavens above. I also like the detail in the foreground of the wasteground where individual leaves can be made out, the lights and darks make it almost looks misty as well. Apparently the area in the foreground of this shot is owner by one of the Universities in Cardiff and there are plans to build a sports complex on it, so this view may not be around for too much longer.

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