FC Barcelona Museum

European Cup FC Barcelona Museum Ilford Hp5 400

The European Cup, or at least one of the many replica’s of it that stand on display at the museum at FC Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium. My favourite part of this image is the reflections, not just the reflection in the trophy itself of the other side of the room behind the spot where the photo was taken, which in it’s on right is pretty cool, it’s not often you get to see both ijn front and behind the position of the photographer when they took the image. But also the repeated reflections behind every single trophy, making it look like they continue on forever out of the shot, there is a lot of them anyway.I was really pleased when this came out as well as it did since the room was pretty dark, only the trophy cabinets were lit, making each piece of silverware shine beautifully. This was taken on my Nikon FM with a 28mm lens and Ilford HP5 400 ISO film.

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