Boys on the beach

Boys on the Beach Ilford HP5 400

Taken with a Nikon FM and 28mm lens on Ilford HP5 ISO 400 film. This is an image of several friends of mine at the beach in the Olympic Park in Barcelona, taken the same week as the previous photo “Afternoon”. It was an incredibly bright day and blisteringly hot, although as can be seen from the trees it was quite breezy. I like the layout of the people in the picture, leading down the steps and leading through each other to the final person in the shot. The first person is looking nonchalantly away from the camera, the second at him, the third obscured person and fourth looking off out of frame to the right and then the final one staring straight at you out of the photograph as if you’ve been caught watching.The framing of the group by the black t shirt on the left and the black shadow of a tree on the right is also something I quite like.


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