Abandoned Rail Line

Abandoned Rail Line Nikon FM 28mm Ilford FP4 125

I have a particular fondness for abandoned places, whether that be areas, buildings, vehicles, or in this particular case railways. This is not far from my mum’s house, the archways were once a rail bridge and the path the photo was taken from was once a rail line that this crossed, behind me a good mile or so away is what remains of a siding, mostly overgrown concrete and flooded pathways, and further on past that is the A470 road which goes from Cardiff up through the Welsh Valleys, itself being mostly built on the remains of old railways. What I like most about places like this is the whole idea that humans can create wondrous, fantastic feats of engineering and construction or even art, but nature will always win the day in the end.

This photograph in particular I like due to the whole sense of scale on show, the boulder to the right of the image is at least the size of me and is totally dwarfed in comparison to the towering ruined archways that must be a minimum of 100 years old. The shadow and gloom adds to the atmosphere of this being a place that has been largely forgotten as it has no longer any useful human purpose (of course if you can see the fencing you can tell this has actually been converted to a footpath/nature trail so it does actually serve a new different purpose for mankind). But perhaps most what I like about this shot is the fact that I can imagine this area looking very similar to this at the time of the original construction, woodland being parted so that great feats of engineering can rise up to the heavens.

I took this on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 ISO 125 film.


  1. Great photo, it certainly does have a gloomy atmosphere. I love photographing abandoned places for the same reason, there’s something so captivating about the way nature reclaims our creations.


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