Walk on the Pier 2

Pier Nikon FM 28mm Ilford FP4 125

So the other week I posted a photo of a pretty similar scene to this taken with a 50mm lens on Canon AE-1, this one was taken with a 28mm lens with Nikon FM. Thought it might be interesting to post this as well, bit of a comparison to the other shot which can be found here.

I like how much is going on in this shot, although as it’s a wider angle lens than the previous image it does leave a lot of open space in the foreground I think the lines of the walk boards leading down the picture to the central group sat on their benches gives a nice lead in. The shadowing from the railings casting over the boards gives a nice zig zag patterning and I’m even quite pleased that despite it being a pretty sunny day the sky is not totally over-exposed and you can make out cloud patterns as well.

With regards to the people, I like the variety of subjects, the man on his phone to the left, huddled up in a coat and with his arm across himself to keep out the cold gives a clue that this shot was not taken during the height of Summer. The people to the right watching the child climb the railings for a better look of the sea, ready to step in should they climb too high. And the central group, busy with a large group sat along the central benches. Everyone looks to be in dark clothing, giving a nice contrasting colour to the light sky and mid-tone flooring.

If I’m honest I prefer the 50mm shot as I feel a tighter crop lends itself better to an image with people as the central focus but I think this photo has it’s own merit as well.

This was taken with a Nikon FM and 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 ISO 125.

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