Month: March 2015

The B-Side

It’s Monday, and on Monday’s I co-present (read that as offer light comic relief/arseing around) a radio show on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm called “The B-Side” (8pm GMT on a Monday) Been doing this for a number of years now, started out when I was unemployed for a few months and needing something to make me get up in the morning’s I agreed to help my friend Aled present the breakfast show on that radio station, it was a time of exhaustion, crabbiness, frustration and a terrible playlist but was also damn fun. So when it came to helping out on his actual show I jumped at the chance and have been doing it ever since. I will say first of all I merely sit next to Aled and spout nonsense into the mike, he’s the one who writes, presents, selects the music etc, I am merely a sidekick. And as a sidekick I am not allowed to press buttons or operate any kind of thing that i could break, for good reason, so I thought I’d combine this with my photography and document life in the studio. Below are a selection of shots taken with my Olympus OM-1n and 50mm Zuiko lens on Kodak Colorplus 200 ISO film (see I said I’d be posting more of these this week) of The B-Side.

Oh and if anyone does want to give us a listen you can do online here and clicking on the “listen now” part.

Radio 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200 f5

This is the sign that hangs on the wall behind the mixing desk, this was taken at f5.6 1/4 sec. (more…)

Olympus Om1n: First shots

So you may be aware I purchased myself a lovely Olympus Om1n with a 50mm 1.8 Zuiko Auto-s not too long ago, a camera I have wanted to own for some time, and talked about here. These are some photographs from the first roll of film developed, I only ran one through in case of any issues (no point wasting money/film if the damn thing doesn’t work properly) and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how these have come out. These are all shot on Kodak Colorplus 200 ISO colour film that expired in January 2014, a film I’ve used previously and gives nice results so probably my main surprise came from how nice the images looked considering the lens cost me around £20.

So below are a few examples taken during a late afternoon/early spring evening in Roath Park, Cardiff. First up is this shot of an older lady and her dog and a stand-off between a pair of geese, I say that as the geese were pretty unimpressed that the poor old lady dared to sit on a bench in their patch. This was taken at f11 125/sec.

Standoff 50mm Kodak Colorplus f11 125th secFirst thing you’ll notice is the brownish/red lighting to the left of the image, I don’t think this is a light leak as I have no other photographs on the roll showing anything like this, the sun was just out of shot in that direction and low in the sky so I think this is purely the way the light is reflecting on the lake. I like how the tree branch in the top right corner and overhanging leaves at the top of the image frame this shot, I think the heavily exposed sky would be a bit too overpowering without them. I also like the level of details that’s been captured, the cracks in the path, some of the individual leaves standing out against the bright sky and the grass. I also like how the leading lines of the path and fencing lead from one subject to the other, from the seated lady at the bench to the geese. (more…)

Windswept Tree

So as is now tradition (this being the second month this blog has been running for and being the second time I am doing this) I’m going to post and talk about an image taken from my digital rather than film portfolio. So with that said below is a photograph taken with my Nikon 5200 and Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC lens at f22 0.4 secs.

DSC_0085 (more…)

Ogmore Castle

This the last post in a series across this week of the Ogmore River, the other two can be found here and here, and this time it’s of the ruined castle itself that sits next to the river. The photo below was taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm on Ilford FP4 125 ISO film at f11 1/125th sec.

Castle & Cyclist Ilford FP4 125 f11 125th sec (more…)

Bridge Over the Ogmore River

As I said yesterday I’ve got some more shots of the River Ogmore near the castle in South Wales and I’ll be posting them across the next few days, this is the second instalment, the first can be found here.

First up this shot of a bridge across the river taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 125 ISO film and at f5.6 1/500th sec.

Bridge Ilford FP4 125 f5 (more…)

Desk Lamp

Oh the perversion, using an analogue film camera to photograph it’s zombified brethren, gutted and re-purposed as a hipster-tastic piece of furniture. This, dear readers, is a photograph of the desk lamp I received for Christmas, and it’s pretty cool I think you’ll agree. A broken and gutted Konica FS-1, customer made into a desk lamp.

Lamp Kodak Colorplus 200, f2 (more…)

Car Interior

Other than photography I’m a big car person, racing or otherwise, so combining the two is something I particularly enjoy. Here we have a couple of shots of the Interior of my Car, an Alfa Romeo Mito, something I love due to two things; firstly I have always wanted and Alfa, and secondly because the car I owned before this was a piece of garbage with a different coloured door to the rest of the body and huge dents all over it (not caused by me).

Steering Wheel, Ilford FP4 125, f2 (more…)