Radio Station

Radio Station Truprint ISO 400 (exp 2004)

Taken on expired Truprint 400 ISO colour film (rough guess expiry date of 2004) with my Nikon FM and 28mm lens, this is the radio station at Radio Cardiff 98.7fm, where I and my friend, who is pictured, present (and generally talk nonsense on) a radio show on a Monday evening called the B-Side.

I like how although there is a fair amount of grain in this shot parts are still nice and focussed, the headphones hanging around the subjects head for example and the microphone, although the stand itself blurs nicely away as it moves back into the distance. What I also like is the number of reflections that have been captured, the screen in the top corner reflects against the studio window to it’s left and you can see the other screens next to it that aren’t even in shot, and the light to the top left which is reflected back and forth across the door on the other side of the window and the window itself, giving a sense of infinite bulbs stretching away.

In all what I probably like most about this is the warm glow of the colour that seems to have come out across most images in this particular expired roll of film, it gives a nice ambience to the image, and from sitting in that studio on a Summer’s day I can vouch for how warm it actually gets in there too.

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