Car Interior

Other than photography I’m a big car person, racing or otherwise, so combining the two is something I particularly enjoy. Here we have a couple of shots of the Interior of my Car, an Alfa Romeo Mito, something I love due to two things; firstly I have always wanted and Alfa, and secondly because the car I owned before this was a piece of garbage with a different coloured door to the rest of the body and huge dents all over it (not caused by me).

Steering Wheel, Ilford FP4 125, f2

The first shot is taken from the drivers seat, I was parked and the engine was off….safety first, with the steering wheel very much the main focus of the shot. This was with the Nikon FM and 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 ISO 125 at f2.8 1/sec. I like how the bold black interior is captured in this, the contrasting silver parts of the the steering wheel making a nice contrast to the otherwise very dark image. I also like how the top of the steering wheel frames the view of the dashboard readouts, themselves looking nicely symmetrical with the bigger ones on the left and right framing the smaller interior ones. Unfortunately the badge in centre of the steering wheel is a little out of focus so the wording of Alfa Romeo can’t be made out, but on the plus side the markings on the indicator/windscreen washer sticks on the back of the steering wheel can be, themselves also being framed by the steering wheel. There’s a nice bit of reflection of the unseen parts of the dashboard in the windscreen to the top of the shot also along with the bokeh of parked cars in the distance, headlights catching the sun.

Dashboard, Ilford FP4 125, f4, 4th sec

This second closer up shot of the dashboard is again taken with the Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 ISO 125 at f4 1/4 sec. This shows an awful lot of information, mostly in Italian, something I quite like about the car, although obviously not so much that they are unreadable to someone who doesn’t speak the language. Benzina being the fuel gauge, Acqua the water temperature and Giri merely meaning the number of revs on the rev counter, the Nicely stylized Alfa Romeo signature being a nice touch. There’s a lot of light reflection here, almost blowing out parts of the image and making it look either overly exposed or as if something went wrong during processing, this is merely due to the fact that it was bright and these are beneath a perspex surface. I partcuarly like how sharply in focus the readouts are, considering how close I had to get to this to take the shout and the relatively long minimal focusing distance on the lens. Perhaps my favourite thing about this shot is that even in monochrome the difference between light, dark and brightly glowing luminous can clearly be seen with the central digital display giving off a slight amount of ghosting around it’s digits.

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