Bridge Over the Ogmore River

As I said yesterday I’ve got some more shots of the River Ogmore near the castle in South Wales and I’ll be posting them across the next few days, this is the second instalment, the first can be found here.

First up this shot of a bridge across the river taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Ilford FP4 125 ISO film and at f5.6 1/500th sec.

Bridge Ilford FP4 125 f5

I think the most noticeable part of this image other than the bridge cutting horizontally through, slitting the shot in half between water and sky, is the swan. From this angle and position it looks to be huge, and dwarfs the people stood on the bridge in the distance. I love the reflection it’s getting from the water and the detail you can see, even down to the wake lines behind it as it swims across the image. The water is wonderfully reflective where it matters, beneath the swan and the bridge itself, giving symmetry across the shot in a nicely uniform way, you can even see the treeline on the far left reflecting as well. The only part of this shot I’m a bit disappointed with is the foreground, as you can see I’ve tried to get a large rock into the shot on the bottom right to add a bit of interest to an otherwise very open space but the water seems terribly underexposed the further down the image you get. Perhaps this makes it look like a rock emerging from the gloom of the water but personally I’d prefer the water to be uniformly reflective and light across the whole picture.

The Second shot below is again taken with the Nikon FM and 28mm on Ilford FP4 125 ISO film and again at f5.6 but 1/250th sec this time.

Bridge (close) Ilford FP4 125 f5

Now the tables have turned, the swan being dwarfed by the mighty span of the bridge in this much closer shot. This is a photograph I was particularly pleased with from that day, as before the bridge cutting across the image is what I was going for but it quite nicely fits into the rule of thirds and the arcing structure gives a different perspective, it almost feels like the concrete is rushing towards you.I think the foreground interest works better in this shot as well, again rocks but not under exposed, and the shadow of the bridge cutting through them giving a nice contrast of light and shadow. Perhaps also pointing out what the main focus of the shot is in case you hadn’t noticed. still on the shadows, I think the triangular shadows on the bridge struts work well, uniformity winning the day.

Again the reflective surface of the water lends itself nicely to the symmetry and repetitive nature of whatever part of the image you’re looking at being repeated below it at some point, and the swan almost looks like it’s admiring it’s own reflection. And Finally the way the bridge shoots off into the distance, and disappears into the tree-line leads the eye nicely across the image, perhaps making you wonder what’s on the other side of the river that this is leading to? (Spoiler; I think it’s a water treatment plant of some kind, but that doesn’t sound mysterious enough so let’s imagine it’s a castle or some sort of ruin, there’s plenty of them around this area.)


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