Ogmore Castle

This the last post in a series across this week of the Ogmore River, the other two can be found here and here, and this time it’s of the ruined castle itself that sits next to the river. The photo below was taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm on Ilford FP4 125 ISO film at f11 1/125th sec.

Castle & Cyclist Ilford FP4 125 f11 125th sec

I’m not particularly happy with the sky in this shot, I seem to have managed to blow it out a little and it feels over-exposed, especially as it was a bright day. However there’s a lot else I do like, the stepping stones from a previous shot can be seen leading across the river and image, they weren’t too slippery to cross for me, and they nicely split the image between real castle and reflected castle on the water. I think shooting at f11 helped keep a lot of detail in this shot, you can make out individual stones on the river bank to the left and the rough edges of the castle as well. I took a few shots of this scene but I chose this one as it’s the only one with some interest other than the castle showing, that being the cyclist to the right waiting in the car park, a car park that regularly floods, and in the far background a figure stood on the castle itself (I remember there being a girl and boy exploring, this is probably him trying to impress his girlfriend by ignoring the “don’t climb on the ruin” signs).

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