Windswept Tree

So as is now tradition (this being the second month this blog has been running for and being the second time I am doing this) I’m going to post and talk about an image taken from my digital rather than film portfolio. So with that said below is a photograph taken with my Nikon 5200 and Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC lens at f22 0.4 secs.


Empty landscapes devoid of people is something I really enjoy photographing, and this shot I particularly like. The dead grass and brush surrounding the bare tree under an overcast sky and all atop a windswept hilltop. The Golden colours of the foreground I think nicely contrast with the darkness of the rest of the image, and the flowers that have been laid at the foot of the tree are a nice touch, a different colour drawing the eye and also adding to the overall mood of the image, it feels desolate, empty and wild but man has still left it’s mark on nature here.

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