The B-Side

It’s Monday, and on Monday’s I co-present (read that as offer light comic relief/arseing around) a radio show on Radio Cardiff 98.7fm called “The B-Side” (8pm GMT on a Monday) Been doing this for a number of years now, started out when I was unemployed for a few months and needing something to make me get up in the morning’s I agreed to help my friend Aled present the breakfast show on that radio station, it was a time of exhaustion, crabbiness, frustration and a terrible playlist but was also damn fun. So when it came to helping out on his actual show I jumped at the chance and have been doing it ever since. I will say first of all I merely sit next to Aled and spout nonsense into the mike, he’s the one who writes, presents, selects the music etc, I am merely a sidekick. And as a sidekick I am not allowed to press buttons or operate any kind of thing that i could break, for good reason, so I thought I’d combine this with my photography and document life in the studio. Below are a selection of shots taken with my Olympus OM-1n and 50mm Zuiko lens on Kodak Colorplus 200 ISO film (see I said I’d be posting more of these this week) of The B-Side.

Oh and if anyone does want to give us a listen you can do online here and clicking on the “listen now” part.

Radio 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200 f5

This is the sign that hangs on the wall behind the mixing desk, this was taken at f5.6 1/4 sec. I actually took two shots of this, the first was horrendously over exposed after I forgot to turn the light meter on.

Aled 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200

This is Aled when we’re on air, hence the headphones being up and his face jammed into the microphone. Taken at f1.8 1/4 sec, I like how the headphones and background are nicely blurred but the number 1 on the microphone can be seen in pin sharp detail, giving a sense of depth to the image.

Aled 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200 f1

This is my favourite shoit of this set, Aled’s face is in perfect focus, the microphone in the foreground and blurred mixing desk in the back give depth and the bokeh surrounding him is pleasant. I also love the greenish hue all of these shots have, likely from the film and it’s reaction to the computer screen lighting in the studio. Taken at f1.8 1/15th sec.

Aled 50mm Kodak Colorplus 200 f4 15th sec

Finally we have this grainy, wonderfully grainy, green hued out of focus shot. Taken at f4 1/15th sec, I like it because it’s imperfect.

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