Month: March 2015

Olympus OM-1n

I thought for a change I’d talk about a camera I use, or to be honest have just started to use, the Olympus OM-1n, pictured below. I got this from ebay for a cool £60, body only, and snapped up a 50mm Auto-s Zuiko 1.8 lens for a further £20 to compliment it. Likely manufactured sometime after 1979, I haven’t really used it a whole bunch yet, mainly because I had a roll of film to finish in the Nikon FM i generally use more often but also as it didn’t come with a battery for the light meter and I had to get hold of one of those. From my initial impressions I have to say it feels different, not in a bad way but in a “I have only ever used a Nikon or Canon and they are pretty much similar in design” kind of way.

DSC_0022 (more…)


Two images taken with the Canon AE-1 Program and 50mm lens on Ilford XP2 400 ISO black and white film from the same scene, my girlfriend making pizza bases in the kitchen. Firstly this one of her hands rolling the dough in her hands to make it stick together. And then secondly of the pizza base laid out on the kitchen surface ready to be rolled. I like the darkness in the background of these images, making the subject of them stand out much more, the hands in the first one and the pizza base and rolling pin in the second one. I also like the blurred motion in the first one capturing the movement of the hands, showing you that this is not just a posed shot but someone actually doing something, I also like that the lights of the kitchen have been caught on the utensils in the back of the second shot, even though they are out of focus.

Baking Hands Canon AE-1 Programme 50mm Ilford XP2 400Baking Canon AE-1 Programme 50mm Ilford XP2 400 (more…)

Kodak Colorplus 200 Expired 2014

A selection of shots taken with the Canon AE-1 Program and 50mm lens on a roll of expired Kodak Colorplus ISO 200 film, bought 3 rolls of this from ebay and they all expired in January 2014, I’m pretty pleased how this first roll has turned out, once again expired colour film gives the images a hazy view making them look decades rather than a few weeks old.

The two shots below really show off the yellowish, and in some parts green, tinge that’s evident in some of the images on the roll. Both of these shots of my girlfriend Jo were taken at f2, 1/15 sec, I especially like the bokeh in the second one of the out of focus chest of drawers in the background.

Jo Kodak Colorplus 200, f1, 15 sec (more…)

Taff Embankment

Taff Embankment Canon AE-1 Programme 50mm Ilford XP2 400

So then back to the usual, monochrome. This shot of the path that runs parallel to the River Taff in Cardiff was taken on the Canon AE-1 Program with 50mm on Ilford XP2 400 ISO film. (more…)