Sea Front

Sea Front Agfa Vistaplus 200 f5

I’m noticing a theme in my photography recently, water. I haven’t meant to take photos of the same subject over and over but I keep being drawn back to the same or at least similar places, beaches, cliffs, lakes, anywhere where the power of the elements can be seen in abundance. This is the Sea Front in Penarth, South Wales, a place I have photographed and posted shots of many times, this pier shot being and also this very similar shot being prime examples.

The repeating bollards of the fence, Victorian lampposts and benches give a nice perspective of the distance within the image and the light pink hue in the sky gives a nice feel to the whole image, but ultimately the winner for me is the choppy, rolling waves of the sea at high tide, seeing it at this height and knowing only the sea wall that the pathway is part of is all that’s stopping it rushing over you reminds you of how powerful the natural world can be.

This was taken on my Olympus OM-1n with 50mm on Agfa Vista Plus 200 ISO film at f5.6 1/60th sec.

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