Month: June 2015

Jo Swinging

Jo 50mm Fujicolor NPS 160 f2

This swing was a lot higher off the ground than it looked, in fact it’s probably a death machine for any children foolish enough to try and use it. So on that note, kids keep away, this swing is only for me and my girlfriend from now on. Go on, get lost. (more…)


Rome 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f8 250th sec

Probably my favourite photo I took from my trip to Rome earlier this year, I just really like the framing and the dome of the building poking above the rooftops in the centre of the shot. Taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Agfa Vista 200 film, f8 1/250th sec. (more…)

Webber with his cape

Perhaps the finest T-shirt with a cape already attached you will ever see, this is my house-mate proudly displaying his footballing superhero prowess to the world. This is also the first roll of Fujicolor NPS 160 I’ve shot, which also happens to be the first roll of professional film I’ve used, the results have been pretty good despite it being expired by nine years (2006).

Webber Cape 50mm Fujicolor NPS 160 f4 8th sec

Surveying the scene, is that a crime taking place down there? Or just an old lady with her shopping? Olympus Om-1n, 50mm lens, Fujicolor NPS 160, f4 1/8th sec. (more…)