Jo in the sea

Jo in Sea Agfa Vistaplus 200 f11 1000th sec

Taken on my Olympus OM-1n with 50mm lens on Agfa Vista Plus 200 film at f11 1/1000th sec. This is another sunny day, beach shot, my girlfriend dipping her toe in the water of the Wales Coastline, I really like the depth and difference of colours in the water from the golden and ruddy brown at the shore to the deeper turquoise and blue as the water leads into the distance. The reflective surface of the damp sand and the shadow from the sun gives a kind of double shadow below Jo, and the light leak leading across the edge and through the shot I think adds something to this.


  1. I think this is beautiful, I absolutely love film as I don’t believe this photo would have had quite the same impact had you taken it on digital.
    The colours, lens flare, every is just fantastic.


    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. I agree, film has so much going for it, hence the reason for this blog, I shoot way more film than digital nowadays.


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