Bees Agfa Vistaplus 200 f11 125th sec

A photo of some bees? The reason for the question mark is I can’t see them in this shot but they were definitely there when I took the photo. Oh well.

This has however come out ok, perhaps more as an example of how vivid the colours that have been captured are, I wouldn’t say Agfa Vista Plus 200 is the best film out there, it’s certainly not professional grade stuff, but I think a shot like this does well to show how good it is for the price. Lovely, vivid shade of green.

What this image perhaps also shows is the quality of the 50mm Auto Zuiko lens that I used on my Olympus OM-1n (I say used as it’s sad demise has come, fear not it has been replaced with an OM-1 instead), the sharpness of this picture is something I am certainly pleased with.

So A photo of some bees with no bees, exciting stuff.

Taken on with Olympus OM-1n, 50mm lens on Agfa Vista Plus 200 at f11 1/125th sec.

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