Street Photography – Pride Cymru Part 1

This is the first in what will become a four part series of shots taken during the Pride Cymru march through Cardiff City centre a week or so ago. I’ve always felt a little weird about street photography, I love how it can look and I really like the types of images that come out of it but I just feel very uncomfortable photographing strangers. That’s why an even like this worked so well for me, people expect there to be lots of camera’s and let their guard down, you’re just one of dozens on photographers in the crowd, exactly what I needed to get the confidence to do this.

So below are five images taken during Pride Cymru, all are taken on Fomapan Classic 100 film using my Olympus OM1 with either an F.Zuiko Auto-S 50mm 1:1.8 or Vivitar 1:2.8 28mm lens. More will follow in future posts.

1 50mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

50mm, f5.6 1/250th sec. The head of the parade, I like how the guy holding the R and the guy holding the D have managed to frame themselves with their giant balloon letters, also how the “GAY PRIDE” sign in the background has been framed by the giant D.

2 50mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

50mm f5.6 1/250th sec. Repetition is the name of the game in this shot, the numerous identical placards, the identical t shirts with repeated slogans. My favourite part of the image though is the two women leaning against each other and laughing that are holding the banner near the centre of the shot, there’s something wonderfully pleasing about seeing people genuinely happy.

3 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

28mm f5.6 1250th sec. Probably the most disappointing shot from this set, purely from the under-exposure point of view. However the masks of the drummers and the flag flying high above them is nice. Out of this whole photograph I think the girl in white on her phone, oblivious to everything around her in the far left is the focal point, she seems to stand out amongst the crowd.

4 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

28mm f5.6 1/250th sec. A pause during the parade, people stopping to have a chat, the fairground ride in the background giving it a fun fair atmosphere, the man with his back to us on the right of the shot with a lamppost sticking out of the top of his head, and the little old lady in the centre staring right at us as if she’s caught us.

5 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f5

28mm f5.6 1/250th sec. Back on the march with the lefties, with their banners marching past the retail store fronts and the shoppers going about their day. I like the bearded guy in the middle turning as if he’s speaking to the two people marching behind him, one of whom looks like he’s carrying about a hundred placards in his hand.


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