Cardiff Bay

Cardiff Bay

Again I’m going to mix things up a little here and show an image from my digital portfolio rather than the usual film shots I show here (don’t worry I’ll still have lots more film shots for you). This is Cardiff Bay taken across the  water from the St David’s Hotel, that’s the one with the wavy roof, a long exposure shot taken just before sunset. This is one of my favourite shot’s I’ve taken recently, long exposure landscape shots are my go to for digital photography, I wouldn’t say it’s my forte…..but yeah it’s what I do the most of.

Taken on My Nikon D5200 using a Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC lens at f8, ISO 100, 14mm 30 second exposure. Also using a standard sturdy tripod and using an ND1000 square filter.

For more of my photos feel free to check out my Flickr page here.

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