New direction…….?

When I first started this blog it was going to be purely a place for me to share the photo’s I’ve taken on film, maybe with a brief description and a way of showing the world something I have found a passion for. Now, that’s probably not what this has developed into, as many people who’ve followed this and read my posts (I counted earlier there’s been 151 of them, that’s an awful lot), a bit more than that. I started putting up some of the photographs I’ve taken with my digital SLR, I started including posts about the lenses and camera’s I use, and thoroughly enjoy using. Recently some of the posts on here have turned into much more than a single image with a brief description and more a montage of related images, almost project-like. And also recently there’s been quite a build up of street photography.

I actually thought I had only been writing on here for about 6 months at most, I checked the admin page here and it’s actually nearly 10 months, almost a year (10 months on the 26th October to be exact). So with that in mind I thought perhaps it was time to have a bit of a freshen up, a spring clean, in Autumn, a new direction as it were (see what I did there with the title of this post?). What I mean, is that this is going to become a little bit more than just “The 6 Million P Man and his dusty old film camera”.

Now I’m not sure how exactly this is going to happen but it’s definitely going to involve more digital photography, perhaps more incorporation of my frankly stupidly large portfolio on Flickr, also maybe a little bit more in depth posts on the equipment I’ve been using (which I admit sounds a bit, well, pompous. So will be more “look here’s a camera, let’s nerd-off about it’s shinyness). And, I don’t know, maybe even some posts about books on photography/photographer’s. For example I have a fantastic and quite massive book of Don McCullin’s work which is spectacular and I would love to talk about to anyone who will listen/read about it. So essentially this isn’t a big change or drastic step, this is more an evolution of this blog and I really hope that the people who I hope have been enjoying it for the last ten month’s continue to do so.

I am now well aware this is far too many word’s and that nobody who read’s my post’s probably read’s half of what I say (unless you also follow me on twitter, which if you don’t…..why not?) so I’ll post a photo I’ve taken for good measure 🙂

Incoming Tide

Underneath Penarth Pier in the Vale of Glamorgan, Wales. Incoming Tide. Nikon D5200, Sigma 10-20mm 4-5.6 EX DC lens, ND1000 filter, ISO 100, f8, 10 secs.

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