Landscape Photography Set Up

Following on from my post on my set up for street photography this is going to follow in much the same vein as a “what’s in the bag” for my landscape photography. This is purely digital this time, I wouldn’t really class my Nikon FM as a regular enough part of my current landscape photography to include it here. Once again apologies for the awful quality of the photo, low light, long shutter speed, high ISO and tiredness contributed massively.


Clockwise from Left;

Sigma Lens bag – Does what it says on the tin really, it’s a bag from Sigma for carrying my a lens in, it’s nicely padded and came with the 10-20mm.

Nikon Nikkor AF-” 50mm f/1.4G lens – OK not strictly a lens you would envisage needing when out shooting a wide angle landscape but as usual I am loathe to leave the house without it, what if I really need it one day? Also at a max aperture of 1.4 what if I stumble across a shot that would need some lovely bokeh?

Nikon D5200 with Sigma 10-20mm f4-5.6 EX DC lens and Battery Grip – My workhorse with my go to landscape lens attached. I’ve owned this camera for nearly two years now and although I’d be the first to admit it’s not the most modern, state of the art of even best camera around, in fact not even in the case of those made by Nikon, but I like it and it’s never let me down. it has features I use and none that I see as pointless and not useful for my purposes. The Battery grip is third party, Meike, as Nikon doesn’t actually manufacture an official one for this camera. This lens is the first lens I ever bought brand new, most of the time, like many of you I imagine, I will scour Ebay for a bargain. Although variable aperture I don’t tend to shoot with it at anything wider than f5.6 and the majority of the time at between f8 and f11 anyway. Over the last few years Sigma has somewhat re-invented itself with the quality of it’s lenses, and I’ve got to say the build quality on this is pretty good, nice and solid, with a nice sharpness to the glass.

Amazon Basics camera bag – God this thing is pretty awful, I am actually slightly embarrassed to walk around with this on my back but it was dirt cheap and does the trick. It will be replaced soon.

Generic tripod – The second cheapest tripod I have ever owned, the first having cost me less than a tenner and having the ability to be blown over by an ant’s fart. This is slightly better, it’s all metal so sturdy if heavy, and being a generic unbranded piece of garbage it was pretty cheap on Ebay. Again this is something that will be replaced soon, although not due to it being bad it’s just that prolonged exposure to sea air and sea water has started to rust parts of it and they creak a  little.

SRB ND1000 filter and pouch of ND Grad filters – The Grad’s are cheap and nasty, cause horrible colour casts and are no longer used. The SRB ND1000 is pretty bloody good and wasn’t that cheap, pretty much any long exposure shot I’ve taken in the last year has used this.

SRB P Size Filter Holder – The other half of my filter set up, bought with the ND1000 and P Size so compatible with more expensive brands. Good.

Yong Nuo RF-603N wireless trigger/remote’s – If you’re a photographer on a budget you’ve probably heard of Yong Nuo and their flashes and accessories, really surprising quality for the price. These set me back maybe £25-30 at most for the pair, doubles as both a trigger for flash photography or as a remote shutter release, which is what I use them for. One on the hot shoe and attached with a small wire and the other can be used as a wireless remote shutter release, really good for shooting on bulb mode.

Sandisk Extreme 32GB SD card – Sandisk, need I say more? Brilliant quality, never failed me.

EN-EL14 Nikon Lithium Ion Batteries – Two as that’s what the battery grip will take. Standard Nikon for this type of DSLR, one is official and the other is a third party one, I can’t justify spending £45 on a spare battery sorry Nikon.

So as before what do you think? Anything I’m missing that may be useful? What about yourselves, what do you pack with you when you climb up the side of a mountain or cliff to shoot? Let me know in the comments.

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