Month: October 2015


Library 28mm Fomapan Classic 100 f8 250th secThe sculpture shooting off into the sky like a rocket on it’s launchpad, piercing through the atmosphere as a a giant metallic ring encloses it. The repetitive lines of the glass windows, each a slightly different texture and contrast of grey. The roof of the building rising in a diagonal arc to the point where the sunlight catches it with a shining crescendo. This is one of my favourite photo’s I have taken, I’m not big on architectural photography but having seen plenty of examples I’d say maybe, MAYBE, this is an ok one itself. (more…)


Cornwall Agfa Vista Plus f16 125th

The Road leading down to the beach, Sean (in blue) jauntily heading down the hill as the couple returning pass him. I like the double yellow parking lines leading down the road here, into the distance within the photo, and the lamppost that almost frames the people in the image. (more…)


Boats Agfa Vista Plus f11 500th

Taken on my Nikon FM with 28mm lens on Agfa Vista plus 200 film. f11 1/500th sec. The dried out harbour in St Ives, Cornwall, the half buried chain in the sand leading us off to the brightly coloured boats in the distance, the father and child , hundreds of footprints. This was a good day. (more…)

Street Photography – Cardiff Streets; Protest

There was a pro Refugee protest in Cardiff a few weeks ago, all these shots are taken at the event. They probably make it look like there was a lot more people there than there really was, it was a relatively small although not tiny gathering, but it was still nice to see so many people standing up for the rights of the least fortunate of all of humanity.

All shot on Olympus OM-1 with 50mm Olympus OM Auto Zuiko lens on Fomapan Classic 100.

Protest 50mm Fomapan Classic 100 f8 125th sec

f8 1/125th sec. Nice Anarchist flag in front of the statue of Anuerin Bevan, founder of the NHS. (more…)