Revisiting Old Photograph’s

I thought I’d take today to revisit a photograph or two that have already featured on this blog but featured some time ago, and therefore probably not been seen by the number of people who have taken an interest and/or followed this since they were originally posted. I’ve also posted some new one’s which I can’t figure out why I didn’t post them originally.

So as I’ve spent a large part of today doing homework (yes I am nearly 30 and that sound’s weird to me also) for the Italian classes I’ve been taking I thought I’d go back through some of the photo’s I took when me and my girlfriend visited Rome at the beginning of the year. I absolutely loved that city and it also mean’s I can make a post with that doesn’t involve an Olympus for the first time in a while, all of these were shot on my trusty old Nikon FM with 28mm lens and on Agfa Vista Plus 200 film, I hope you like them because I certainly do.

The Vatican from St Peters Dome 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f16 250th sec View from the top of St Peters Basilica. F16 1/250th sec.

Temple of Antonius and Faustina 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f11 250th sec.jpg Temple of Antonius & Faustina. F11, 1/250th sec.

Spanish Steps 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f11 125th sec.jpg The Spanish Steps. I like this shot especially for the bright colours everywhere and the general hustle and bustle of the people. F11, 1/250th sec.

Vatican Fountain 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f22 125th sec Vatican Fountain. F22, 1/125th sec.

Rome 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f8 250th sec My Favourite Image I took the whole trip, I just love the framing of the city as we peer through the trees. F8, 1/250th sec.


  1. We went to Rome last year and absolutely loved it. These pictures are great, they really do Rome justice. The city has it’s own unique style and I think these photos show that pretty well.


    1. Thank you. I loved it also, everywhere you went there was history clashing with modernity , was fantastic. Hopefully will be going back to Italy later this year but to Tuscany, I’ve been learning Italian and seem’s pretty stupid not to go and use it.

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