Fans: Two

The second in the short series of images from the street’s of Cardiff during the Rugby World Cup, all shot on Olympus OM-1 with 50mm Zuiko lens on Fomapan Classic 100 film. The first instalment can be found here.

6 50mm Fomapan Clasic 100 f8 125th.jpg F8, 1/125th Sec. French rugby fans looking more like a meeting of Dragon Ball Z aficionado’s.

7 50mm Fomapan Clasic 100 f8 125th.jpg F8, 1/125th sec. I love those wigs, like a mixture of a mountain of baked meringue and an Anime character.

8 50mm Fomapan Clasic 100 f8 125th.jpg F8, 1/125th sec. Street seller’s making a killing. I really like how the central characters of this image are framed by the ring of the monument, and the big bright flags.

9 50mm Fomapan Clasic 100 f8 125th.jpg F8, 1/125th sec. Lost your mate’s?

10 50mm Fomapan Clasic 100 f8 125th.jpg F8, 1/125th sec. This was probably the best thing about that whole day, someone kicked a few rugby balls into the air in the middle of the street and an impromptu friendly started from nowhere. This may look like their having a fight but actually they’re rucking for the ball, great atmosphere.


  1. Some great captures. The OM-1 is a wonderful camera to use, although I don’t shoot with my mine much anymore – I do get a lot of use out of the OM.Zuiko lenses on Micro 4/3rds.


    1. Thanks, out of interest what 4 thirds adapter do you use? I’m considering getting one and although I’m well aware the Olympus official one is clearly far too overpriced I’m loathe to get a super cheap one for fear of it being nothing more than a lump of poorly put together plastic that falls apart at a moment’s notice?


      1. It’s just a generic one from eBay. It cost me around £10/$15. It is coated metal rather than plastic. Had it for over a year and no problems. The Zuiko 50mm makes a great portrait lens on M4/3rds, there’s a few examples in the “People” gallery on my sight if you are curious.


      2. Yeah they look nice, gives around a 100m full frame equivalent I would guess since 4/3rds doubles focal length. Think I’ll be getting me one of those to see what I can do.


      3. Yes, that’s correct – 100mm equivalent. It’s a good option to have, you have to spend a lot for something of the same focal length and speed that’s native to m4/3rds.


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