2015 Review

This is being written a good few days before the end of the year as I plan on being either very merry (i.e. with family holding a drink in one hand and a camera in the other) or working and horribly busy as always. So if anything in this post either doesn’t make particular sense or has been overtaken by events then please forgive me.

I thought I’d start by saying a big thank you to every one of you who follows this blog, at last count it was somewhere around 175 people (apologies if that’s wrong by the time you read this), and also to anyone who has casually dipped in and out of a few posts and not got around to following as well. When I started this in January I wasn’t really expecting to have that much interest in my photography, genuinely this was going to be a place where I shared what I love doing with people and if they enjoyed it as well then that was enough for me.  However this has developed into something a lot more, I actually plan posts, I look through the photograph’s I’ve taken and actively think “how will that look online?” and “do these three photo’s look good together? Would they make an article?”. That was not the idea when I began shouting out into the huge void of the internet and I think that one of the big factor’s in how this has gone is down to you guy’s out there, the people who actively read/view the site, and for that I am very grateful. And to those who have recently stumbled across this blog, maybe this is the first post you’ve seen on here, I say this to you; Welcome, have a look through, follow if you like what you see and most of all, say hi and tell me what you think.

Ok now we’ve got the thank you’s out of the way I thought I’d get onto telling you a little about myself, many of you have probably read the “about me” section but I thought since this has been going for almost a year I’d share a little more about myself. I’ve always liked camera’s and photography even as a kid, but it was probably only in the last few years that I looked into this wonderful hobby with any kind of seriousness. One of my good friends is a professional photographer, he’s very good and I feel horribly incompetent compared to him, and I suppose it’s seeing him shoot, watching him work, helping out a few times, that I realised that actually, I’d quite like to have a go of this myself even if it is just for fun. So I scoured ebay, I saved up my pennies and in early 2013 I bought a second hand Nikon D40X with an 18-55m kit lens, which in all seriousness if I had known then what I knew six month’s later about photography I would’ve bought something a little better and a little more advanced. As a beginner’s piece of kit it was ok, I fooled around with it, I read articles online about what aperture and ISO was, I made huge glaring errors and mistakes over and over and eventually I moved on, bought something else and advanced. I think the point I’m trying to make is this, I wasn’t very good, I still don’t think I’m very good, I look back at the photograph’s I took then and I shudder at them, some are bleeding awful, granted some are ok but the vast majority are awful. You know what? I look back at photo’s I took a few month’s ago and think they look terrible. But this is the crux of it, it doesn’t matter. I enjoy using my camera, I enjoy being out in the fresh air taking photo’s of the sea or pounding the streets photographing strangers, and that’s the most important thing about this hobby. So now I’ve moved on, I have probably too much equipment, all over my house there are piles and piles of unused film just aching to be exposed, more lenses than you can shake a stick at and books and magazine’s that tower over the furniture. From that you’ve probably guessed another trait of mine, I collect and have a horrible obsession with collecting things, photography equipment has become one of them. Last of all for the about me section, I’ll explain where the name “The 6 Million P Man” comes from, my real name is Ed (if any of you follow me on twitter or Flickr you’ll know that). Nearly seven or eight year’s ago now I had someone throw a couple of sucker punches at me and break my jaw in two places, some surgery and 6 weeks of not eating solid food later and everything was fine but the aftermath is that I have four small metal plates and sixteen tiny metal screws along my jawline (all of this was “free” I should say as well, not that I’d share my politics on this blog but God bless the NHS in the UK). One of my friend’s decided that a nickname was apt for my situation and since it clearly cost a lot less than six million Dollars to “rebuild me” they decided six million pennies made more sense, hence The Six Million P Man. That’s all I’m giving up about myself voluntarily for the moment, but If you have any particular question’s you’d like to ask go ahead and ask them in the comment’s below, I’ll answer pretty much anything (ahem within reason).

So what have I got planned for the next year of this place? Well not a lot actually since when I began this blog I didn’t expect anybody to care, just like when I started taking photo’s I didn’t expect anybody to care. People seem to, which is really, really kind of them and I am eternally grateful for it, but the fact is, I am enjoying myself and I hope everybody out there who share’s my passion is enjoying themselves too. This year this blog has grown from nothing to become an outlet where I can share with the world (and it really is the world, I can see on the stats how far afield some of the views come from) something that I love, and I think that is one of the best gift’s anyone can give or receive. So The only real plan is for me to continue what I’m doing, maybe there’ll be a variation in post’s and article type’s and also now the inclusion of medium format since I’ve delved into that, but mostly it’ll just be a continuation of film and digital photograph’s that I’ve taken on my general wanderings and want to share with the wider world.

All that being said I really do hope you enjoy reading this blog and I’m very open to any suggestion’s you may have for thing’s you’d like to see, please feel more than free to contribute and get in touch with me. If you don’t already know, and as mentioned previously, I’m also on Flickr and twitter, clicking on those will take you to my page’s, follow me, talk to me, critique me if you like. And comment on my post’s, please comment if you want to give feedback or even just chat, I’d love to hear from you guys.

Finally again I’m going to say thank you for following Photograph’s I Have Taken, I can’t stress enough how great it feel’s knowing random people across the world have viewed something I created. I hope you’ve all had a great 2015 and have an even better 2016 whatever you decide to do, if you want a suggestion for a New Year’s Resolution though I’d suggest you get out and photograph more, you’ll thank me for it I promise. From The Six Million P Man Happy New Year I hope to see you all again across the next twelve months.



P.S. Just for the hell of it, and because you may know by now I can’t write any post without including at least one photograph, here’s an image I took recently for you to enjoy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Seaside. Olympus OM-D EM-5, 17mm M.Zuiko 1:1.8, ISO 400, F5.6, 1/1000th sec.

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