Project 52: An Introduction

As I’ve said before I had a plan for some new series’ on this site, “Project 52” (which I think sound’s cool, although maybe that’s just me) is going to be one of them. Here I’ll Give a short introduction to what is going to be coming up through it.

Project 52, as the name suggests, will be a weekly series of 52 blog posts on a specific photography subject each time. I thought of doing a standard 365 day/photo a day kind of thing but knew that I just wouldn’t have time and would miss out entries so a weekly project seems to make more sense.

I’ve looked around for idea’s on what subject’s to go with for each week and thankfully he internet is a veritable treasure trove of help in this respect. So what I’ve chosen is a list of weekly, I suppose challenge’s and theme’s, that I’ll be doing across the whole of 2016.

All the post’s will be linked to each other as a category on here so you can keep up to date or find one’s that you like, I really hope people do like my photography. And we’ll start the series a little later today.

Hope you enjoy this and as always please feel free to comment, feedback even critical is always welcome.

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