Slight Update

So I’ve decided to very slightly update the blog set up, it’s nothing major but I thought it might help for navigation. On the right hand side of the page you can now see a “categories” section, this was called something else, Quick Link’s I think, but I thought categories made more sense.

The main reason I’ve done this is it now mean’s that ongoing project’s or series’ can be relatively easily found and looked back through, so for any new followers who like the look of something and would like to see similar this hopefully make’s that easier.

So for example say you see a post in the “Street Photography – Cardiff Streets” series you like and would like to see more then there is a link under categories for that series, they’re all date ordered so you can look back through them newest to oldest. Or for example you want to look into all series or project’s that I’ve posted well there’s a category “Projects/Ongoing Series” in which they are all grouped together as one, within that are some photography series that are either finished with or were relatively short as well (The “Fan’s” series of street photography for example).

I have probably made this now sound needlessly complicated so will end by saying this, if you like something and would like to see more hopefully this will help.

As always thanks for looking.


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