Project 52: Week 3; Red

This has been the first subject where I’ve had to do a little more than just pick up my camera and shoot, after all it’s not the most in depth of categories, literally the brief for this week, the colour red. So for I had to do a little bit of thinking for this one, and the end result is below.

Red.jpg Nikon D5200, AF-S Nikkor 50mm 1:1.4G, Sigma EF-610 DG ST flash unit, ISO 100, F10, 1/125th sec.

Red is a very vibrant colour that carries a lot of connotations with it, the colour of anger and rage, of passion, of blood. So with that in mind I thought I’d go minimal with this, rather than just photograph something red, why not photograph the whole colour itself with minimal input and make the colour the subject?

So here we have a red background (actually a t-shirt) with a graphic novel laying on top, only the title is showing which helpfully has a nice big bold red header. This is itself lying along the line of shadow caused by the flash, a touch I think works as it splits the image in two and leads the eye down from left to right. The graphic novel itself is a “Hellboy” one, if you do not know what that is it’s written/created by Mike Mignola and is about a paranormal detective who investigates weird going’s on, oh and happen’s to be a big red demon, which I think fit’s in to this photograph as even though you don’t see him, the name conjures up the colour. If you do know what that is then hopefully you get the symbolism.

I took a few photograph’s for this week’s subject, this I feel worked the best as I felt it concentrated solely on the colour red rather than object’s that are red, however I do quite like some of the other image’s I took so I may post them onto my Flickr as stand alone’s.


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