Project 52: Week 4; Portrait – Head Shot

Another week, another Project 52 challenge. This week it’s portrait based again., the remit for this being a head shot portrait, of which a nice focal length for something like this would probably be somewhere between 85mm-135mm depending on how much of the frame you want filled with the subject’s head/shoulders. As I shoot with an APS-C sensor this complicate’s thing’s slightly as those focal length’s are from “35mm equivalent”. As you may or may not know a full frame sensor gives a 35mm film equivalent focal length, but as an APS-C sensor is cropped this doesn’t totally translate to them. So the 50mm Nikkor 1.4G lens that I use on my Nikon D5200 actually has, strictly speaking, a 75mm focal length (in 35mm terms) as Nikon’s APS-C sensor’s have a 1.5X crop factor (in case you were wondering Canon’s APS-C’s have a 1.6X crop and the Micro Four Thirds sensor on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 is a 2X crop, so that at least is much easier to calculate). I promise I will not delve too much into the maths of this again any time soon but the point I’m trying to make is that this lens is almost in the sweet spot for head-shot’s.

So with all that in mind here’s the photograph taken for this week’s category, it’s of my House-mate while he was in the living room on his PlayStation.

Week 4 - Portrait Head Shot.jpg ISO 1600, F1.4, 1/160 sec.

I took a good number of shot’s but thought this one was more interesting since the rest were just of someone’s face, this has some movement, action and perhaps more depth to it since he’s yawning and rubbing his eye (much more interesting than a bog standard “say cheese” smile kind of image). You may also notice some green fringing on the edge of the sofa in the background, this is what happens when the main light in the room is a lamp with a green lampshade (as can be seen out of focus in the background).

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