Chester Zoo On Film: Part 2

Second part of my visit to Chester Zoo a few weeks ago, all taken on Agfa Vista Plus 200 and using my Canon AE-1 with 50mm lens.

Chester Zoo 6 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Best part about this little guy? The fact I could see him, his mate was on the other side of the enclosure and perfectly camouflaged against those dark green lush leaves. This guy obviously was happier for me to photograph him and had a not changed colour to mix in with his surroundings.

Chester Zoo 7 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg I really like this one, it may even before my favourite of all the images I took that day (which includes the one’s of giraffe’s and the jaguar). Maybe it’s the fact that the tortoise is perfectly centred and his face is in such good focus, it makes me think of a portrait with a human model rather than an animal. Or is that just a little bit of evidence that there’s really not much different between us and animal’s?

Chester Zoo 8 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Love the colour’s in this one, the dead brown leaves and earth perfectly mixing in with the camouflaged colouration on the shell. Who say’s brown is a boring colour?

Chester Zoo 9 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Took a few photo’s of this hornbill, and unfortunately this was the best, he was just moving about too much and the light was too low to be able to take a photograph that wasn’t a little blurry. At least you can see how much like a dinosaur this guy looks, he even moves around like one, hopping about on his lizard-like legs with feet that resemble claws, he really looked prehistoric.

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