Chester Zoo On Film: Part 5

The fifth and final edition of the Chester Zoo on film series, all taken on my Canon AE-1 Programme with 50mm lens using Agfa Vista Plus 200. I hope you’ve enjoyed these image’s because I’ve certainly enjoyed sharing them, if you’d like to see the other entries click on the quick link on the right hand side of the page.

Chester Zoo 19 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg An Asiatic Lion, look how far down it’s stomach the mane goes. This is just before it sprayed in the face of a small child, oh how we all laughed.

Chester Zoo 20 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg I’m not sure, although I’m 99% certain, that this Rhino was pregnant. It was separated  from the other rhino’s and the next day I read on the zoo’s website that one of the rhino’s had given birth that very evening.

Chester Zoo 21 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg I only took these two photo’s of the rhino’s, the indoor enclosure they were inside at the time was deathly quiet and the standard Canon rasp that the AE-1 and AE-1 Programme are known for when the shutter fire’s spooked it a little so I had to stop.

Chester Zoo 22 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpgYou can just about see a tiny head in the arm’s of this monkey, apparently the baby was only a day or two old.

Chester Zoo 23 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Monkeying around, or not as the case may be as we’re carefully watched by this guy.


  1. We were only there last week! First time I’ve visited, thought it was great (loved the bat house) but the rhino was being particularly elusive so at least I can say I’ve seen it now. Great images 🙂


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