Q&A with the 6 Million P Man

Good Evening all, as this blog has grown over the past year, and in fact grown quite substantially in the last few month’s, it seem’s to have attracted a lot of new follower’s. So I thought I’d write a post that’s quite different to the usual one’s, and by that I mean I’m handing the rein’s over to you guy’s, the reader’s, for a little Question & Answer session.

This is your opportunity to ask me anything you like about the blog, about my photography, the camera’s I use, any hint’s or tip’s you might be looking for. In fact if you like you can ask me anything at all, even mundane thing’s like what my favourite colour is (why you would want to know that I don’t know but that’s not the point).

So go ahead, in the comment’s below please feel free to ask me anything you fancy, I promise I’ll answer as soon as and as fully as I can, whatever your question might be.



  1. This post is perfectly timed for me….I’m looking for a new digital camera. Nothing too fancy but something nice enough so I can start playing around with it and learning more about digital photography. I’m currently using my trusty Canon PowerShot SD1000 7.1MP Digital Elph Camera from way back in 2007.

    Do you have any recommendations for a point and shoot, that’s also waterproof?


    1. Hi, I suppose it depend’s on just how waterproof you need it to be really. I’m not hugely into point and shoot’s so could only offer some basic advice but the one’s that jump out at me from what you’ve asked are the Olympus Stylus Tough range. They’re all waterproof to a depth of 15m, shock proof for relatively large drop’s and have pretty good spec’s for a small and solid package. This is a link to Olympus’ website, hover over the word Stylus and it’ll drop down to show the full Tough range. http://www.olympus.co.uk/site/en/c/Cameras/digital_cameras/tough/tg_4/index.html

      Hope you find that useful 🙂

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      1. One thing I haven’t mentioned but I always tell people when looking for a new camera that may be useful as well is this; research what you’d like, the feature’s, the spec’s, the brand etc and then when you’ve found a camera that suit’s your need’s, look at the model that it replaced as it’ll be very similar (in some cases the differences will be minute) but very often a fraction of the cost. The two digital camera’s I use for example, my Nikon D5200 and Olympus EM5 are both 2 and 1 generation behind the currently available model’s.


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