Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 21

Another selection of street photography images taken on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 and 17mm M.Zuiko lens. Enjoy.

Boss.jpg ISO 400, F4, 1/125th Sec. Other than the subject’s themselves, the giant advertising face staring out at us while the guy stands below staring at his phone, I also really like the lined patterning of the reflection’s on the store-front. It looks a little to me like movement, making the static advert image have the effect of him running across the window. Maybe it’s just me that see’s that?

Crossing.jpg ISO 200, F4, 1/1000th Sec. I like the strong bold shadow’s diagonally cutting away from the people crossing the road. Also I like the textured look of the pavement, the little raised bump’s uniformly lined, I don’t know if you get these in place’s outside the UK as I’ve never really bothered to notice when I’ve been travelling. Do you?

Market Exit.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/200th Sec. Now that’s candid. Emerging from the indoor market, shopping in hand and face full of something tasty.

Menu.jpg ISO 200, F4, 1/320th Sec. Again strong shadow’s and the uniformly repetition of bollards into the distance. They were stood there for a good old while staring at that menu, I wonder what they had?


  1. Where do I begin?? I have so much feedback today! Ha…
    First – I love your commentaries for the photos – I do this sometimes and well – it is one of me favorite things that photographers do- not only does it helps us see extras in the photos and gives us glimpses of the photographer’s essence – but it Teaches us as readers.
    So thanks for that! I first looked – then read your text and then looked again and again.

    Ok – the boss picture is fav of the post.
    I do see the movement and running feel. The pavement squares also play off the shapes in the window on the right. The guy in phone is interesting for so many reasons. The consumerist feel with the bag – his chic casual attire matches the store – as does his hair cut and overall look (like he could be that model in the ad) – so this also grabs the culture of today and freezes it! In 20 years we will look back at this guy and so that was so 2016?? Or will it still sorta be “in” as a classic look….
    The spacing of the man and the ad are also beautiful – are you sure this was not staged?? Jk

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  2. Part 2 – the candid shot has interest from the verticals – power box and electric lines – subject guy – doors – etc.
    then the variety with lights and stuff in the store – the lights and what it –
    All of this then has that strong horizontal of ads and signage on the glass doors – to be informally balanced with the bag and the letters ” lle” – and of course the man’s candid look adds mood – but the formal finger position as he holds his snack – well even the fingers add to the vertical lines in the composition –
    Just my take…..


  3. The couple crossing the road has duality throughout! The couple – their shadow – the bumpy and smooth pavement – the small and large building – the real trees and reflected trees – and then the dark and light in this mono! However – the three small gallons – smack center – give us tasty interest and almost play with this informal symmetrical feel – very cool shot! Along with the MOOD of life moving forward with togetherness – 😉


  4. Hope u do not mind me commenting this much?
    Part 4 – the last photo has the stripe on the guy’s jacket, which is nice either horizontal lines in the posts – and there is a thick stripe sort of running through the windows as it moves away – so the unity of the horizontal stripe is there.
    Then the subjects back is to us – and all thrills down and away / even before u said he took forever to order there was a pause to be felt!
    Also perfect choice for b & w because it lets you feel the shapes and lines of this outdoor busy street!


    1. Firstly, no of course I do not mind at all you commenting this much. Secondly, Wow! Thank you for your interpretation and impression’s from these, it’s great to receive feedback but it’s especially nice to receive nice feedback. I agree with you about the commentaries of each photo but I’ll add that your return commentaries have made me look back and see thing’s I didn’t notice myself, so this has worked both way’s.

      P.S. The first photo was definitely not staged :p I just happened to be sat on a bench for about 10 mins waiting for someone interesting to walk in front of the ad, if you look in the reflective window on the bottom right you can just make me out.

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      1. Well I was kidding about it being staged – but it is that good to where it feels almost set up! And how very cool to have a slight selfie – I will look again – I did zoom in because I thought I saw someone running – hm….

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