Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 22

Apologies in advance for some of these as I would class them as perhaps “filler”, I’m not totally happy with all of them but as they’re in my February Street Photography folder they need to be posted before I can move onto the March stuff. Yes I am quite anal about thing’s like this. As usual all taken on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 with 17mm M.Zuiko lens.

Cycle Path.jpg ISO 400, F4, 1/250th Sec. I liked how the fencing on either side of the path up to the bridge I was stood on slightly bends, almost like a tunnel, enclosing us and leading us down to to the girl sat on a bench at the bottom.

Double Take.jpg ISO 200, F2.5, 1/4000th Sec. She stopped, she stared. The shadow of the lampost that’s out of shot behind us leads nicely through the image to the woman stood holding her coffee and giving us a glare.

Split Down The Middle.jpg ISO 200, F4, 1/640th Sec. This one I feel is a little bit meh, I was trying to split the image with the post in the centre splitting the dark couple on the right from the light couple on the left. However it’s slightly off centre, which has annoyed me a little, and only one of the couple on the left is lit up, although it’s his face and it is lit up well.

Shadow Path.jpg ISO 200, F2.5, 1/1000th Sec. This is an image with light and shadow that I’m much happier with, and I think was one of the first image’s I took that day as this is the park on the other side of the road I live on. The path leads us to the man walking away from us, he’s wearing dark clothes and is stood in the light  between patches of shadow that split across and repeat along the path. I also like how the branches of the trees above frame around him.

Florist.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/40th Sec. I like this image for a few reasons, firstly because it’s in the indoor market where I keep meaning to shoot and always chicken out due to how close you have to be to people in there to take picture’s and secondly because it is quite close since I was using the 17mm lens (full frame equivalent focal length of 34mm) but it still look’s natural as if no one has noticed me or cared.

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