Project 52: Week 11; Landscape – Reflection

Welcome to the eleventh instalment of Project 52, my 52 week photographic project. This week the theme is once again Landscape, and this time the title is “Reflection”.

I’m surprised it’s taken until this point for me to post an image taken on film, especially since that’s how this blog originally started, but I guess the fact I don’t develop and process at home has made it difficult to shoot film and get it turned around in time to post that week. This week however I had a number of images I scanned in from a roll I had developed a few week’s ago that seemed to fit the bill, since they were of possibly the calmest seascape’s I have taken.

Week 11 Landscape Reflection.jpg Yashica D, 80mm, FujiPro 160S, F16, 1/250th Sec.

Taken at low tide in Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan, Wales, this is the end of the pier  which is perfectly reflected in the glass-like receding water of the low tide, in the distance is the industrial dock area of Cardiff. I am hugely pleased with this image, how the crisp blue of the sky has come out as well as the varying grey and white’s of the cloud’s, just another example of how good 120mm Fuji film really is. I love how the perfectly still water act’s like a mirror reflecting exactly the opposite of everything directly above it, almost as if I’m stood on a giant structure of glass rather than a beach. If I had the chance to take this shot again I would probably try from a little further back, try and get more of the sky in and more of the reflected foreground as well but that’s me being picky.

How about you guy’s? I’d be interested to hear your thought’s in the comments.


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