Featured Street Photographer – Ed Worthington

A very nice article featuring some of my work and some very kind word’s about it here.


Welcome to the first of a new series of featured Street Photographers. First up is Ed Worthington – a street photographer with Sideshow Bob feet…

Why Street Photography?

I wrote a blog entry about this not too long ago and the two main points I made were to do with the human condition itself and expense.

You can read the details at Ed’s blog here : 


Now what I mean by the human condition is something we pretty much all share, an interest in other people, and it’s that interest in other people, cultures, ways of life that make street photography what it is. There’s not really another genre of photography were you randomly snap shots of strangers just because they interest you, and I think I used the question “do you like to people watch?” to explain it, because who doesn’t find themselves just whiling away the time…

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