Medium Format : Twenty Two

Lifeboat Launch 2 F16 250th Sec.jpg Yashica D, 80mm, FujiPro 160S, f16, 1/250th sec.

I usually don’t write anything in this series but I thought I’d actually mention a few things about this image as it’s one of my favourite’s I took from that day. One of the few time’s I have put my Yashica on a tripod, mainly because I was waiting for the lifeboat and the tractor to get into the right position and my arms were going to get tired. I have used the lifeboat launch on the left as a leading line into the image, leading down to the sea, the sea which looks like glass it’s so flat and reflective of the horizon. The whole idea I have here is to have the empty space speak for itself while being broken up only momentarily by the wood of the left and the people and vehicle’s in the distance on the right, the rest is just open area and colour. Really pleased with how this one went, I wouldn’t want to say I have a “style” but I think it’s a pretty standard representation of how my medium format photography look’s currently.

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