Lenses & Camera’s At The UK Photography Show 2016

A selection of images taken at the UK Photography Show of various lenses and camera’s, all taken with my Olympus OM-1 and 50mm F.Zuiko lens on Agfa Vista Plus 200 film.

1 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg look at all that lovely bokeh.

2 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

3 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg Many, many lenses. I do like how when Agfa Vista Plus is slightly underexposed it gives this grainy, sepia-ish colour grading to the images.

4 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg I really, REALLY, want this lens. The brochure has some stunning images in it.

18 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

20 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg What’s not cool about a camera that ended up being used by NASA for the moon landing’s? You’re right, nothing could be not cool about that.

23 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

24 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg

26 Agfa Vista Plus 200.jpg *cough *cough…..Olympus fanboy here.



  1. Broken. Since then I’ve never find one in good condition. I start considering the 35 RC for completing my humble Olympus family but I’m not sure yet.

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