Buongiorno amici!

Thought I might do a little update post for a few reason’s, the first being that I have managed to meet the goal I set at the beginning of the year in this post and reached three hundred follower’s of this blog. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. I can only assume that at least 300 people like my photography and for that I am truly grateful, the fact that it’s taken less than half the time I set for that goal to be reached is even better. With that said I’m going to re-evaluate the New Year goal and increase it to four hundred and fifty followers by year’s end, I mean why rest on your laurel’s? 

Secondly I will be moving house in the near future, towards the end of May, and as many of you know with that come’s something major other than the pleasure of stressing out over bill’s, packing/unpacking and finding out where’s good to eat near your new home. By this I mean I will have to deal with the dreaded “Internet Downtime!” Who’d have thought that just a few years ago this wouldn’t have made any difference when moving house but nowadays it does, especially to me. What I’m trying to say and forewarn is that I will likely be less active on the blog from the end of this month and possibly through a lot of June, I will have limited access to the internet but not really enough to post regularly and respond to comments and the like regularly. What I’ll be doing is scheduling post’s instead of actively creating them the day they are posted, as is the case currently. So please don’t be displeased with me if I don’t respond to any of your lovely comments, and they are genuinely lovely, straight away. Also please don’t think that because I haven’t posted for a while that the blog has died, it will be back and with a bang, this will just be a small hiatus. One good thing that may come of this is when I return fully I should have a whole host of new photo’s and content to share with you lot.

So there we have it, a slight update on what’s going on and will be going on in the near future. Again thank you to all my follower’s, I really am ecstatic to think that many of you like what you see when you visit here.


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