Using OM Lenses on Micro Four Thirds

I’ve been thinking about this for a whole and recently got around to purchasing one of these, an adapter for my Olympus OM-D EM-5 that allows the usage of Olympus OM film lenses on a modern digital camera. It’s little more than a lump of metal with differing lens mounts on either side and cost a negligible amount but has proved to be quite useful.

OM to Micro Four Thirds.jpg OM to Micro 4/3rds adapter.

You’re probably aware if you’re a regular reader of this blog that I have a bit of a fanboy status for Olympus, both digital and film, so the ability to use my OM lenses on a digital body was something I’ve wanted to do for a while. So far I’ve used the 50mm Zuiko and 135mm Zuiko on my EM-5, the micro four thirds sensor gives an equivalent focal length of roughly double the 35mm film focal length so the 50mm acts like 100mm and the 135mm like a telephoto 270mm. The good thing about Olympus’ OM-D range is that image stabilisation is built into the body not the lenses, so a manual focus 270mm equivalent telephoto image doesn’t end up horrendously blurry.

EM5 with 50mm OM.jpg EM-5 with Zuiko OM 50mm

EM5 with 135mm OM.jpg EM-5 with Zuiko OM 135mm

As you can see attaching these lenses doesn’t exactly keep with the pocketable nature of the OM-D line up and the weight of them does make the camera a little front heavy, but the image quality I’ve been able to get from the glass has surprised me. Below is a few images taken over the last few days.

Dog Walkers 50mm.jpg Dog Walkers 50mm.

Flowers 50mm.jpg Flowers 50mm. I really like the bokeh on this one.

Water 3 135mm.jpg Water 135mm.

Cricket 3 135mm.jpg Cricket 135mm.


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