Project 52: Week 20; Landscape – Night Owl

Back to the landscape photography for this week’s entry into my 52 week photo project, and the theme this time is night time (or Night Owl as it’s stupidly called). One thing sprung to mind as soon as I saw the brief for this week and that was this; light trails. What better opportunity to photograph long exposure light trails that this, and there’s a bridge above a main road within walking distance to my house that I’ve been thinking about doing this from for a while anyway.

Night Road.jpg Nikon D5200, Sigma 10-20mm EX DC, ISO 100, f25, 8 secs.

So this is one of the images I took last night from that bridge, there are traffic lights, as you can see, so I could set up the camera on a tripod, wait for the red light and several car’s to pile up waiting, then take a multiple second exposure as they sped away. This isn’t my usual kind of photography, as is probably the point of this project, so I don’t think it’s brilliant, but perhaps pretty good for a first attempt.


  1. It’s fun to experiment with stuff like this. I have always wanted to do the same with the stars and have never gotten around to it. Maybe one of these nice warm summer nights…


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