Month: July 2016

Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 48

I am currently not in the UK, and therefore not near my computer, so apologies for not responding to any comments. But welcome to edition 48 of my street photography series, as usual all taken on my Olympus OM-D EM5.

Alleyway.jpg ISO 200, f4, 1/200th sec. (more…)

Update For The Next Week

Hello again everyone, just a quick heads up that although you’ll continue to see posts from this blog over the next week they are all pre-scheduled and therefore I’m likely to not be able to respond to any comments or questions you might have. I am off to Italy on holiday tomorrow morning, I am officially “old” on Friday the 29th July and do not want to suffer the horrors of being made to celebrate turning thirty years old so instead I’m packing my bags and shooting off abroad for a week or so. (more…)

Project 52: Week 30; Artistic – Patterns

Another week, another instalment of the 52 week project I’m doing this year. This week the topic is “patterns”, a pretty vague and wide brief I suppose so one I’ve answered with the below image.

Week 30 Patterns.jpg

Taken on my Olympus OM-D EM-5 this is the steps down to my girlfriends parents’ house on a bright and sunny day. Hence the shadows which repeat in a zig zag pattern down the steps, although there’s also patterns with the repeating bricks and repeating shapes. (more…)

Olympus Auto Eye – A Short Review (Sort Of)

As many of you who follow this blog or my twitter (@6millionpphotos in case you’re wondering) I am quite the fanboy of camera’s of the Olympus persuasion. I’ve got more than a few, and find myself drooling over the thought of getting my hands on more than a few others. With that said this post is going to focus on a slightly less well known camera from Olympus’ past, the grandfather perhaps of the well known Olympus Trip, the Olympus Auto Eye. This was given to me by a friend in work  as I seem to have attained the tag of “the guy who likes cameras” and get given random cameras every now and again.

Olympus Auto Eye.jpg (more…)