Street Photography – Olympus OM-D EM-5; 50

It’s been fifty editions since I started this regular street photography feature, I’d like to say I think they’ve gotten better with time but who am I kidding? As usual all taken on my Olympus OM-D EM-5.Market.jpg ISO 200, f4, 11/200th sec. I really like this painting on one of the doors to the indoor market in the centre of Cardiff. It’s just got a very particular look to it that suits the place.

Old and New.jpg ISO 200, f8, 1/320th sec. New (well newish) flats behind the waste ground near to the industrial estate I work on. A contrast of old and new, destroy and create, derelict and inhabited.

Shadowy Garden.jpg ISO 800, F4, 1/4000th sec. Guess who left their camera on indoor settings? Yes me, hence the ridiculous ISO and shutter speed, whoops. This is behind the building I live in, the right is someone’s very small walled in garden, I liked the shadows that fell across the area.

Suitcases.jpg ISO 800, f1.6, 1/500th sec. Retro painted up suitcases in a flea market, the same one where the terrifying mannequins were found. I like the repetitive patterns, although I am certainly not patriot lets get that straight.

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