Project 52: Week 33; Artistic – Collaboration

This week the brief was collaboration, as in collaboration with another person. I had to delve into my portfolio for this one, quite far back actually, which made me realise that I really need to do this more often. This photo was taken so long ago that it was on a Nikon D40x I no longer own with the 18-55mm kit lens it came with, yes it was that long ago.

DSC_6491.jpg ISO 110, f5.6, 1/125th sec.

This is my friend Rich, trekking through some tall grass when we went to take some photograph’s of one of the rivers in Cardiff. At this point  had been taking photography semi-seriously for only a few months, hence the ridiculously greenish hue on this image (I thought it would look good processing it that way for some reason) and also hence the fact I used the most basic kit lens and the camera I knew nothing about. Looking back at this image reminds me how I haven’t been at the place it was taken for a long time and also It’d be cool to start going out with other photographers again.

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