New Lens

Bought myself a new lens a week or so ago for my Nikon D5200, a 35mm f1.8 DX. I got hold of it mainly because although I shoot mainly landscape with the camera I wanted a walk around lens as well, and from the first few results I’m probably going to be using it a lot more often. The 35mm on a Nikon APSC camera operates at almost a 50mm equivalent focal length in 35mm camera terms (technically 52mm but who’s checking?), so it’s perfect for an everyday usage. I’ve been very impressed with the quality I’ve gotten out of it, I almost forgot how good Nikon glass actually is before I picked this up.

Anyway here’s a selection of images, let me know what you think?

DSC_0004.jpg ISO 160, f4, 1/1000th sec.

DSC_0005.jpg ISO 160, f4, 1/250th sec.

DSC_0007.jpg ISO 160, f1.8, 1/20th sec.

DSC_0011.jpg ISO 160, f8, 1/800th sec.

DSC_0028.jpg ISO 400, f1.8, 1/800th sec.

DSC_0038.jpg ISO 400, f8, 1/1000th sec.


  1. I am really enjoying your posts!!! I know absolutely nothing about photography, but am quite interested to get a camera and start learning. I am really appreciating all that you are sharing about your pictures and what equipment you use. Thank you!!!

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    1. Hey no problems at all. Really glad you’re enjoying my work, and if it’s encouraging others to get out there and take pictures then that’s fantastic too. It’s not too long ago that I knew absolutely nothing about photography as well 🙂

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