Nine Days in Italia – Parte Tre: Palazzo Ducale & The Quest For Murano Glass

Day three of the Italia trip had a few major milestones, firstly the mosquitoes finally struck, my God the itchiness, and secondly we found a place that made a damn good sandwich. OK really what happened was we visited the Palazzo Ducale, or Doge’s Palace, a spectacular building both inside and out. Which you sort of would expect with it being the seat of government for a republic that lasted for over a thousand years, I mean that’s a long time to cover things in gold and carve out of marble. Also on this day Jo decided to desperately search for some Murano Glass to buy, the glass that she could’ve bought yesterday in a workshop where they make it, and by desperately search I mean go into every store and look at the same glass that was for sale in every single one. Perhaps it was my punishment for spending half the day looking at paintings the size of ballrooms.

Again all taken on my Olympus OM-1 with either 50mm F.Zuiko or 28mm Vivitar lenses, this time the film used is Agfa Vista 200.

1.jpg Again Fiorella laid out a great breakfast, this is the point where we found out she was a journalist, a phrase in Italiano that I have learnt that not only was useful but I understood the answer. Hoorah for me.


3.jpg Again the weather was sweltering hot, I wouldn’t be surprised if steam was going to come pouring off the canals. sticking to the shadows was the game I played today, hunting them down became my forte.


5.jpg With that said about the temperature, this crazy lady must’ve been literally melting! There was a few people hanging around in the squares dressed like this, madness.


7.jpg Now this picture of the Campanille of St Marks Basilica is so much better than the previous days, the film hasn’t been ruined at the bottom of the frame and I even like the lens flare.

8.jpg So we got here earlier today, hence the thinner crowds. This didn’t last long.

9.jpg The interior of the Palazzo Ducale was as you’d imagine it to be, impressive is an understatement. the architecture, the wide open square within, even the floor tiling, I mean look at that cool pattern. I really like the repetition of the columns and flooring in the image above.


11.jpg Yeah as you can see from Jo’s face, it was bloody hot even in the relative cool of the shade inside the palazzo.


13.jpg Doesn’t it make you think “wow” when you see the grandeur of a building like this? Especially when you realise how old they are and what a feat it must’ve been to build in the time before modern construction equipment.





18.jpg Some of the Carabinieri just hanging out.


20.jpg Slightly annoyed how these two came out, clearly underexposed for the shadow beneath the Bridge Of Sighs. A shame as its a nicely composed scene.




24.jpg This was a lovely surprise to stumble across, these guys got engaged right in front of us as we walked past and the whole crowd erupted in applause. I couldn’t have set up a better candid street photo if I’d tried. Just for the record, no me and Jo definitely DID NOT and would not be doing anything similar.

25.jpg Last shot of the day from this roll, Jo posing with the beautiful scene of the lagoon in the background.


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