Autumn 2

Another selection of Autumnal images I’ve taken over the last few weeks, all with my Nikon D5200 and either 35mm Nikkor DX 1:1.8 or Sigma 10-20mm EX DC lenses.

DSC_0002.jpg 35mm, ISO 160, f4, 1/320th sec.

DSC_0009.jpg 35mm, ISO 160, f1.8, 1/1000th sec.

DSC_0013.jpg 35mm, ISO 160, f2.8, 1/640th sec.

DSC_0021.jpg 35mm, ISO 160, f1.8, 1/2000th sec.

DSC_0064.jpg 10-20mm, ISO 160, f4, 180th sec.

DSC_0068.jpg 10-20mm, ISO 160, f4, 1/50th sec.

DSC_0070.jpg 10-20mm, ISO 160, f4, 1/80th sec.

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