Project 52: Week 47; Landscape – Abandoned

For week 47 of my 52 week photography project the subject is once again landscapes and this time the theme of “abandoned”. I have a surprising amount of images of abandoned places, be they industrial or historical as I really like the idea of seeing something that mankind has created being claimed back by the ravages of time. That being said I thought rather than just showing either an old, overgrown building or rail line or a touristic medieval ruin (there’s plenty of those in Wales) I’d go for something a little different. So this is the image I’ve chosen, it’s the remains of a neolithic burial chamber here in South Wales, it’s historical but it’s not a place people often visit or even know about as it’;s just standing, alone, in a field some way from any major towns or roads.

St Lythans Burial Chamber 28mm Agfa Vista Plus 200 f11 250th sec.jpg

This was taken with my, now dearly departed Nikon FM, at 28mm with Agfa Vista Plus 200 film at f11 and 1/250th sec. I’ve visited this spot a few times, it’s not that hard to get to if you know where you’re going and there’s a wonderful calmness about standing next to this ancient burial monument with no one around for miles.


    1. Funeral monument, I’d say built as a reminder of a great individual, probably as a link between the normal world and the Gods’. I’d be surprised if no one visited, why go to all that effort if not to make people see it in wonder?

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      1. I remember reading somewhere that people would come back and make offerings. So who knows if the offerings were to the person/people buried there or to the generations that came next.

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