Motor Racing On Film : Part One

I went to watch the final weekend of the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) at the start of October in Brands Hatch, was a Birthday present from earlier in the year. I’m not the biggest touring car fan although I am a big Motorsport fan so getting to see loud engines and squealing tyres is a plus no matter what it looks like. These are all shot with my Canon AE-1 Program on PoundLand special Agfa Vista 200 film, there’ll be a few parts to this so stay tuned for more images .

1.jpg I really like this shot, the contrast of the sky and high wind you can see in the flag. It was such a strange day for weather, one moment boiling hot and sunny, the next freezing cold.

2.jpg Annoyingly we only caught the end of the first race of the day as we’d been queuing for about 6 miles to get into the car park, the joy of the British transport network. However these Porsche SuperCup cars were just heading out onto the track not long after we got in.


4.jpg A Lamborghini in the slightly less ostentatious colour (only slightly less than the usual bright yellow you see) of green.


6.jpg I’ve driven a similar single seater racing car myself before but not one as powerful as this, I quite fancy a go as it’s based on the old British Formula 4 car that was phased out a couple of years ago to fit in with the FIA’s standard F4 chassis in other countries. It may not look like a lot but this thing weighs less than your shirt so the amount of power it packs is pretty impressive.




10.jpg Porsche SuperCup racing, annoyingly I forgot to bring the only long lens I have for my Canon (a 70-200mm), although thankfully Brand Hatch is one of those old school circuits where you can still get pretty close to the action.


12.jpg This image shows just how close to the track we were at this point, this is one of the further away fencing areas as well.


14.jpg My mate Craig looking thoroughly impressed with the on track action, as you can see this is one of the points where the sun was shining. It didn’t last long.

15.jpg Oh McLaren, it’s been such a long time since you’ve been able to create merchandise like this flag celebrating an F1 Championship Title.


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